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VIMtrek's SmartBIM division is a leading provider of BIM content creation and visualization that brings the AEC market intelligence serving both the building professionals and manufacturing communities. The principals of our firm are pioneers in information technology, architectural modeling, construction data, and sustainability assessment all brought together on one easy to use visualization platform. They have spent their careers creating information systems for the building industry. We offer an evolving suite of products and services designed to ease the creation, adoption and use of BIM objects and methodologies.

SmartBIM Library

SmartBIM Library

The Library integrates quality BIM content and data right into your design workflow. It is optimized to discover, locate, compare, download and share more than 77,000 family types, many of which are manufacturer-specific and loaded with product and sustainability data. The BIM content discovery experience has never been easier.

Access the Library from a web browser or directly within Revit, and begin working with BIM like never before.

Get access to the Library when you download any of the SmartBIM tools

The Branded Library allows Building Product Manufacturers to distribute their BIM content on their website. BPMs simply add the microsite link to their site and we can publish the models as well as link with other product information (ie. ecoScorecard, Details, Specs, CAD details, etc.)

Content Creation and BIM Modeling

  • Create product data and objects from Manufacturer information
  • Optimize product data and objects for utilization with BIM platforms and standards
  • Flexible fees based on number of products, product complexity and resultant
  • Custom based on hours to build the models
  • All models are built and priced based on CAD details, cut sheets, and product information
  • Models are built natively in Revit
  • Models are built to Autodesk Seek Standards; information attached to models is key to having more information there for the user
  • “I” in BIM; this information can be scheduled & sets apart VIMtrek as it brings product information with the model
  • Models are parametric when possible rather than static models, built on Revit 2013 so compatible with Revit 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016
  • 4 Levels of Details 100, 200, 300, and 400 known as LOD, file size needs to be considered when models are built as too large of files are not desirable and can crash a project or weigh down the entire Revit project


With SmartBIM's QTO, it is easy and affordable to begin cost analysis earlier in the project lifecycle. Enable manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors and building owners to easily collaborate on costing early in the project.

SmartBIM uses the power of RSMeans unit cost databases and input from Revit models to provide design cost checking. Additionally, you can manually add takeoff lines and edit unit costs to increase the accuracy of estimates.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Custom market intelligence offerings are available based on the content creation and distribution services that are in place.

VIMtrek's SmartBIM division, continually gathers knowledge about building project processes and product selection. As a service to our manufacturing partners, we organize and share what we learn so they can make timely, smarter business decisions.

Market Intelligence is designed to deliver the kind of information that you can convert into enhanced sales and marketing strategies, product design, inventory planning and more. Using your custom Intelligence dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly determine where to focus your resources, by product segment, category and geographic location.

ecoScorecard, our web-based tool, helps architects and designers measure and document the environmental impacts of products and materials.

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VIMtrek (including SmartBIM and ecoScorecard) offers a suite of tools that provide data analytics, visualization and collaboration to the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.